Sep 22, 2021 | Road Trips

October is here, and the leaves are falling! Pretty soon, it will be the holiday season, and we’ll all be rushing around preparing for visiting family. This year has rolled by so fast compared to the previous one. 

As we look towards the fall and winter months, many families will be looking for second-hand cars as Christmas gifts for students coming of age. Safety is always a huge concern, but so is the viability of the vehicle itself.

The car industry and its communities have been dealt a bad hand in recent years. Some people go even further and think that car purchases are synonymous with scams! It’s up to us car fans to break this stereotype by doing our due diligence when selling and purchasing cars. 

A licensed mechanic performs a PPI (Pre-purchase inspection) to determine issues that an untrained person may not be able to diagnose correctly. A professional mechanic can find the real reason behind problems in a car and pinpoint what issues CAN arise in the future, and you need to know as it can save you from purchasing a vehicle that will turn out to be a money pit. With a PPI in hand, you have a valuation that will force the seller to choose between setting the problem right or selling to another buyer (or adjusting the price so you can handle the repairs).

Beyond the question of whether you are getting value for the money you spend is a more important one: is this a safe car? A PPI from a licensed professional auto mechanic can give you the assurance that the vehicle you are buying is in proper working order and is not in danger of collapsing when speeding on the freeway.

If it’s time to do a pre-purchase inspection, we’d love to help out! Our professional mechanics’ purpose in life is to provide you with the best driving experience by solving or forecasting any problems you have (or might have!). We’d do anything to ensure you have your vehicle in the best condition year round!! Schedule your appointment with High Road Automotive here.

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