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We've used HRA for a decade now. Outstanding service, good communication and they really watch out for their clients, even if (ahem) they upsell a bit much once in a while. They stand by their work though, which separates them from the crowd.Overall, a definite recommend.
Ross Hotchkiss
02:11 10 Feb 17
I brought my Subaru into High Road to get a quote on repair. They looked my car over and even showed me where the damage and the car was having problems. They explained to me the cost and work needed and reccomended against the repairs. They were honest and admitted to me that I was better off trading it in because of the extent of repairs needed. The overall costomer service from the first phone call, to the explanation of the estimate really made me feel like I was talking to an honest and professional team.They even equipped me with a loaner car at no charge.I look forward to using High Road in the future and reccomend them to anyone looking to service their car.
Jason Piskin
21:04 07 Oct 16
I have a Subaru Baja and I am very particular on who works on my car. I prefer Subaru specialists and these are definitely the right people! I am happy to say I have now found my "local garage" for all future repairs. I had a great experience with their staff. They are very nice, easy to work with, and pay attention to what you're saying. This is such a refreshing experience! Not only did they fix my issue in a quick time-frame, but they went above and beyond with their inspection! They looked over my whole car beyond the issue to make sure it was operating at it's best. Since I drive my car for my job, it was nice knowing that High Road had my back. They even gave me a heads up on future repairs, which never came across as the typical auto shop "unnecessary but necessary" trickery. If you own a Subaru and need work done, come see High Road!
Aleks Reavis
15:38 28 Aug 15
I have brought two vehicles here for years. They provide excellent service, great advice, and are extremely nice.
Sam Kaplan
17:35 08 Oct 16
We have gone to High Road for almost 30 years, and have bought only Hondas specifically so that we can continue having the High Road team be our mechanics. They operate with the highest integrity. We trust them completely. As an example of their integrity, we recently bought one of their loaner cars, a 1995 Honda. Two weeks later, the transmission failed. Even though we had specifically bought the car "as is," the High Road team was chagrined that one of their cars failed, and replaced the transmission in it for free.
David Hlavsa
21:16 11 Aug 15
This is one of the only car repair places that I've gone to and not been treated like an infant. Sure, I don't know a lot about cars, but I'm here because I want to take good care of mine! Thanks for being respectful, not charging too much, and for communicating with me clearly, start-to-finish.
Sarah Reeves
17:30 18 Oct 17
So professional and knowledgeable. They treat your car like a patient, not simply a machine.
Laura Faley
16:23 08 Mar 18
Best service center in Ballard. They helped me get a warranty fix for my car.
Brittney Geleynse
17:49 27 May 18