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As the readers of this blog know, we are snobs when it comes to the parts that we install into a car. The difference in price between a high-quality part and it’s cheaper alternative is only a few dollars in most cases, and the savings are soon forgotten when the car won’t run properly. High quality equals high reliability in our world. Which brings us to batteries. We choose the top of the line Interstate brand battery for many reasons, but ultimately it comes down to reliability.

Avoid Cheap Batteries

A dead battery is the most avoidable hassle in the driving world, with the possible exception of running out of gasoline. A properly functioning battery will last for years. But there are other reasons that we choose this brand. Cheap batteries often leak acid which can cause corrosion at the terminals and then your car may not start. The corrosion, untreated, will spread onto the metal parts and damage the brackets. But most seriously, it sometimes gets into electrical connections and causes all kinds of trouble that is difficult to trace and repair.

Cheap batteries often leak acid which can cause corrosion

Avoiding Corrosion

Our job when we see corrosion happening is to clean off the corrosion, treat the battery with an anti-corrosion gel and prevent the problem from spreading. It costs a few dollars but can save hundreds. Or, the driver could have invested in a high-quality battery which would have dramatically reduced the possibility of this problem occurring at all. We understand that car repair is expensive and your car dollars compete with all of the other expenses in your life. But investing in the best parts and service prevents the unpleasantness that occurs when your car won’t start.

Drive Safely, The High Road Crew

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