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As the leading auto repair shop in Seattle since 1984, we are honored to have so many of our customers leaving us honest and heartfelt reviews with their experience with the auto mechanics and rest of the team at High Road Automotive. See what our customers are saying about us below:



I can't imagine why there aren't more reviews for High Road. I generally have had decent experiences with car repair and maintenance places (since I am serious about regular maintenance for my cars) but High Road is something special. They'll examine the car and make you a list of all the things that are going to need work, and list the priorities. By following their recommendations and getting regular oil changes and checkups, you can be assured that your car won't surprise you with a breakdown. I wouldn't take my cars anywhere else.


I love these guys. The service is so good at this place that it actually makes me happy to get my oil changed. I love that they're super friendly. I love that they're trustworthy. I love that their prices *seem* to be reasonable. I love that they take time to explain things clearly to the mechanically-challenged. My absolute favorite thing about this shop is that they are tuned in to the digital age. I leave my car with these guys for a day every three (or four or five) months - they do an oil change and a thorough inspection. Half way through the day, they *email* me a PDF that summarizes all of the issues they found in their inspection. Everything is prioritized based on safety, importance, etc. They then call me and talk me through the PDF. They make recommendations on what I should have fixed and what can wait. They give totally pragmatic advice on how long I should wait on safety issues. I never feel like they're trying to talk me into doing something that's not really necessary. Thanks to them, my little '95 Honda Civic will keep on kickin' for many years to come. Thanks, High Road!

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