Intermittent Issue Testing

high road testingIf your vehicle shows intermittent issues, it may need testing from the auto repair team at High Road Automotive in Seattle. Because our auto mechanics are known for their testing superpowers, we welcome you to bring your vehicle to us for intermittent testing.

Intermittent issues can crop up once a day, once a month, on hot days, on cold days, or every so often. Often, the driver will ignore these irregular issues until they appear more frequently. Unfortunately, intermittent issues are not easy to track down. They require a strategic plan of testing for a successful diagnosis of intermittent problems.

When you bring your vehicle to High Road Automotive in Seattle for intermittent testing, we will do everything we can think of to reproduce the problem. Our diagnostics testing processes are comprehensive, and we strive to complete a 100% accurate diagnosis by taking detailed notes throughout our examination. To get to the bottom of your car’s intermittent problem, we may ask you questions like:

  • When does the problem occur?
  • How often does it happen?
  • How long has the issue been going on?
  • Did you have the vehicle repaired before the issue began?
  • Does the issue occur when you are at higher highway speeds or while idling at a stoplight?
  • Does the problem happen when accelerating or slowing down?
  • Do you notice it happening when making a left or right turn?
  • Does it only happen when it is wet or cold or when it’s hot outside?

If we cannot reproduce the problem within the first hour, we will not proceed further unless you expressly request further testing. Because of the detailed attention that goes into intermittent testing, our auto repair team will charge a minimum of one-hour labor rate, with more time added if approved. At the end of the intermittent testing process, you will still likely receive a testing result of “no diagnosis can be made at this time” if we have not found anything obvious. We may also be able to use that time to rule out specific causes or immediate safety concerns. We can still provide a general recommendation based on the described symptoms, history codes stored within the vehicle’s computer, and available Technical Service Bulletins. However, we strongly encourage car owners to wait until the issue becomes more noticeable or repeatable. It will be easier to track down at a later date (separate diagnosis fee will apply).

We spell this out not to scare you but to educate you on all that is involved with intermittent issue testing. As a result of our efforts, we are delighted to report that our auto mechanics team is the leader in diagnostic testing within Seattle, and we can solve issues that no one else can. When our clients notice that the problem is gone, they are thrilled! Here’s a recent review from one of our happy clients:

“I had recently taken my vehicle (2016 Cadillac) to the dealership I purchased it from for servicing, and was told I had a coolant leak caused by a crack in a hose that would be $400 to repair. For a second opinion (and to find a shop in the neighborhood that could help me), I went to High Road.

They were able to inspect my car within the week, and found that the issue wasn’t an expensive-to-replace hose, but it was just a metal clamp that needed to be replaced. They also inspected the rest of my vehicle and gave me a very detailed description of everything they noticed and recommended, and they were happy to humbly answer any questions I had.

I’ll definitely be returning to High Road for the rest of my car needs. The prices were fair, the loaner car was convenient for the day, and above all they gave me a trustworthy diagnosis and were great to interact with. Thanks!” — Tuck A.

When you need service on your car, truck, SUV, or hybrid, trust the experienced auto mechanics at High Road Automotive in Seattle for all your auto repair needs. We’ll zero in on precisely what your vehicle needs to keep running like new for a long time to come. Schedule an appointment today. We are conveniently located at 1531 NW Leary Way, Seattle, WA 98107, and we are open Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 5:30 PM.