Seattle Car Maintenance and Repairs

Be Your Car’s Hero! Bring Your Car In For Maintenance Every 6 Months!
At High Road Automotive, we like to minimize breakdowns and maximize your vehicle’s safety. Routine maintenance, including bi-annual maintenance, is key to our approach. Our auto mechanics have earned a stellar reputation among Seattle drivers for their precise and thorough approach to auto repair.

Maintenance & Prevention
At High Road Automotive, we focus on maintenance and prevention of mechanical issues first and foremost. Our goal in this is simple: to save you time and money. Every car requires routine maintenance, such as oil changes, tire rotation and filter replacement, to perform in their best condition, and to avoid breakdowns. The cost of unplanned repairs, including towing and diagnosis, are often far more than the cost of simple maintenance procedures. On every visit, we’ll evaluate your car for needed maintenance, and make suggestions to help avoid unnecessary expenses and wasted time. Be your car’s hero! Bring your car in for maintenance every 6 months!
  • Evaluate your car for needed maintenance
  • Make recommendations to avoid unnecessary expenses.
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Performing regular maintenance improves performance and saves you money. Be your car’s hero! Bring your car in for maintenance every 6 months!
fluid changes
Fluid Changes
Services that keep a car in top operating condition are “maintenance”. The most common maintenance, and the most important service, is the Oil Change. Virtually all the fluids in your car have a life span. The life span of the fluids is measured either in miles or the amount of time the fluid has been sitting in the car. The fluids break down over time and under heat and pressure. Fluids are the “blood” of your car. As they break down they cease to fulfill their purposes of lubrication and cleaning.
  • Oil changes are your most important maintenance need.
  • The lifespan of fluids is measured in miles or time.
  • When fluids breakdown – they stop doing their job.
Tire Rotation & Part Replacement

There are several other routine services that are considered maintenance, such as tire rotations and the replacement of timing belts, serpentine belts, and fluid hoses. When these parts wear they put additional stress on other parts. The replacement requirements of these items vary from car model to car model, so part of our service is to advise you on the upcoming maintenance that you will need to keep on schedule for your car. Proper maintenance prevents excessive wear and breakdowns.

Routine maintenance includes the following:

  • Tire rotation.
  • Timing and serpentine belts.
  • Fluid hoses.
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Providing You the Best in Car Maintenance and Repair
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Car Maintenance & Repair Service
Automobiles work incredibly hard. Occasionally a part, or parts, will wear out. Even with proper maintenance the constant vibration of road travel, winter salt, abrasion by sand, expansion, and contraction from heat and cold will attack a component and cause a failure. The replacement of a broken part is referred to as a “repair”.

Repair is much more complicated than it sounds. Accurately determining which component has failed is referred to as “diagnosis” or “testing” Because many parts of a car are now responsive to computer command and adjustment, the art of diagnosis is to perform a rigorous testing regimen which determines which part actually caused the problem. Often a computer will perform adjustments that hide the failing part until it is completely broken. Without the diagnostician, a technician can only make an educated guess. The diagnostician is usually the most seasoned expert in the shop.

Once the failed part is determined, proper procedures are followed to ensure that the repair is made to the same quality as when the car was built. We use the highest quality parts and adhere strictly to professional standards so that our work can be relied upon. We provide one of the longest repair warranties in the business, which includes both parts and labor.

Oil & Water Leaks
Have you noticed oil under your car? How about in your engine compartment? An oil leak that not addressed can cause serious problems with your car. Take a look at what we found with the car in the video below. If you have any concerns or are seeing any oil or water leaks, please get them addressed by scheduling an appointment with High Road Automotive in Seattle today! It’s best to address these issues sooner rather than later. Don’t let a developing issue become a serious and costly problem for you and your car.
Rodents In Your Car
Maybe you don’t have Bats in the Belfry, but you might have Rodents in the engine compartment, like we saw in this Subaru. If you see foot prints or other indications of creatures under the hood, in your heater core or any place else, fear not! We know exactly what to do to keep the critters from damaging critical systems in your car. Call High Road Automotive today and bring your Subaru or other model to our Seattle Auto Repair shop in Ballard. We’ll have you on the road sooner than you might guess!
Avoid Unexpected Repairs
The general rule is that proper maintenance forestalls unexpected repairs. Regardless of which you need, we at High Road will provide you the best service in our industry!