Apr 14, 2021 | Road Trips

In the early 1990s, there was growing concern about automotive air conditioning refrigerant leaking into the atmosphere and contributing an expanding hole in our earth’s ozone layer. Scientists predicted certain gasses including Freon gas were causing damage to our planet’s climate, so automobile manufacturers took steps to lower environmental impact. Freon was the standard refrigerant used in automotive air conditioning systems before concerns over global warming. Climate change laws and regulations banned freon, and automobile manufacturers switched to using R134a, which is friendlier to the environment. Now the ozone hole is shrinking.

Now that we’ve shared a snippet of automotive air conditioning history, the auto repair team at High Road Automotive wants to focus on how your proactive automotive air conditioning maintenance can reduce your impact on climate change.

The R134a refrigerant helps your car’s A/C system blow cold air, which feels great on a hot day. However environmentally friendly R134a can be compared to freon, it still can harm the atmosphere if there is a leak. The trouble with A/C refrigerant leaks is that you cannot see it leak. At High Road Automotive, we use a unique diagnostic system and process that detects leaks coming from your car’s air conditioning system. This process takes a few days to administer because we need to run the A/C unit long enough to test for leaks, repair the leaks that we find, and try it again until the refrigerant completes several cycles within the system. You get to use our car during the test.

At High Road Automotive in Seattle, we are very thorough in our diagnostic testing. We call it our superpower! Our auto technicians are experts at taking the most challenging car issues and diagnosing them to such a degree that we discover exactly what is wrong and how to fix it. We confess that sometimes our diagnostics reports are so detailed that the car owner is a little scared to find all the things that are wearing out on their car. But there’s good news with our reports, and the good news is that the inspection is meticulous and will arm you with information to make informed decisions. Therefore, you can have confidence that your car’s air conditioning issues will be addressed and repaired by our expert team.

We live in a beautiful part of the world, and we are proud to serve our Ballard neighborhood and community. We love Mother Earth, and we want to protect her. Since the 1980s, our auto repair shop has taken steps toward being Eco-clean, and we do our part to protect the environment. That is why when you come into our facility for auto repair maintenance service, we recycle the waste produced by your vehicle. 

Our auto mechanics highly recommend that you take preventive maintenance to heart if you want to impact climate change reduction positively. Bring your vehicle in for regular service, and our team will do our part to make sure your car’s air conditioning system is performing without issue. When available, we offer FREE loaner cars, which we encourage you to reserve when you schedule your appointment. We offer online payments and other benefits that are designed to give you a stress-free auto repair experience for your convenience.

For all your auto repair needs, come to our shop in Ballard. You’ll be glad you did!

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