Jun 8, 2018 | Road Trips

Within the automotive repair industry, there has always been a debate regarding the rotation of tires. It might seem trivial, but tire placement is actually very important. Tires wear unevenly, and as they are rotated they can cause a car to perform differently and can directly affect your safety. The most persuasive evidence we have found indicates that your best tires should always be on the rear wheels of the car.

This may seem counter-intuitive. Doesn’t it make sense that you need traction to steer well? Doesn’t a front wheel drive car need more traction in the front to move? The answer is obviously yes, but there is a problem that arises when the brakes are applied. If the rear tires have less tread than the front, they can break loose under heavy braking and cause the car to swing out of control.

This effect is amplified when water, snow or ice is present and can create a dangerous situation in a flash. With even moderate braking, the rear tires will lose traction with poor tread. High Road Automotive customers like you carry their most precious cargo in their vehicles. From children to pets we want to be sure everyone in your car is safe!

The solution is to keep the tires with the most tread on the back wheels. The extra grip will help keep your car straight when you are driving in conditions where traction is an issue. Whenever possible it is best to get a new set of tires with lots of treads all the way around. There is no argument in or out of the repair industry with that solution!

link to The Tire Rack website. Tire Rack has a test track and they are able to test by trial and error and put theories into practice. The advice that they publish is backed up by experience and experiments.

Thanks, and drive safely!

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