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Several of our clients have had mechanically minded relatives that “repaired” their cars, only for them to end up here a few day or weeks later. When the car failed the second time, it was natural that the client was confused, since, after all, hadn’t they just fixed that problem?

Quality Repairs

Like any other profession, there are hundreds of details that are known as the tricks of the trade. Some have to do with diagnosing the car, others with the repair itself. But we often find that while an amateur can sometimes figure out that a part needs replacement, it is the quality of the details that make the repair permanent.

there are hundreds of details that are known as the tricks of the trade

Classic Example

A classic example was some corroded wire in a Toyota Camry that a friend had fixed. The ends at the connections were corroded, so the friend cut the bad ends off and reconnected the wire. The car ran great…for two weeks. The friend had forgotten three steps to a wire repair. The wire was too tight with no strain relief and it had been crimped improperly which lead to its separation and failure. There were also no steps taken to prevent water intrusion to the repair. Done properly, the wire repair should last the life of the car which is what we expect when we finished the car.

Small Details

The small details, such as the correct grease or oil to prevent squeaks or the correct thread protection for a critical bolt can save you endless trouble. We carefully test each product that we use to ensure maximum life for the operation of your car. Beyond the big skills, it is the extra steps at installation that makes professional work so much better.

Drive Safely, The High Road Crew

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