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Safety systems are more important for smaller cars

Here at High Road, we love small cars like the Honda Civic and  Toyota Corolla.  These types of cars are nimble, reliable and easy on gas. Qualities that make them a commuter favorite. But small cars have a disadvantage in an accident;  they are lighter than most other cars and thus more vulnerable. It is important to take care of your safety systems regardless of how large your car is, but it is even more important if your car is small.

The brakes are the most important and should be monitored for wear at least every other oil change, just like your tires.  Worn tires and brakes put you (and everyone else) at risk. Should your brakes feel spongy, or even just different, get them checked immediately. Failed brakes or tires turn your car into a missile and you are inside it. 

High Road Automotive - What Safety Systems are in My Car?

SRS (airbag) systems and seat belts are the lifesavers when things go wrong. If the SRS light is on, have a technician check it for you. Most of us will drive years without accidents but in a fraction of a second, that can change. If someone runs a red light, seat belts and airbags are all you have left. Keeping them in good repair is critical to your safety.    

Your vision relies upon good glass and good wipers. It is easy to take these for granted but other drivers, and especially pedestrians, rely on your ability to see well. Streaks, cracks and foggy surfaces need to be addressed.  Whether it’s a wiper blade or your defroster,  get it fixed immediately.

Your suspension may seem to be more of a  comfort issue than a safety system. Which is true when we notice the firmer ride.  But under emergency steering conditions, the excess dip and sway that result from worn struts can make it difficult to avoid hazards. Struts and shocks are excellent investments.

Vehicle Safety Systems - High Road Automotive

There is more to safety in your automobile than a single blog post can cover. At High Road, we consider the whole car an integrated safety system since a breakdown can cause an accident. Lights, mirrors, locks, and transmissions are just some of the items we could include. But the most important safety system in the car is the attitude of the driver. Please drive safely, and we will take care of your car!

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