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An important part of making the right choice is knowing which questions you want to ask! The same goes for any service or product we are considering. You might be looking for a doctor, a gardener, or an internet service provider; in all cases, it is essential to bring the correct queries to the interview! Having the right questions ready for your auto repair center can help you feel prepared for your visit!

Auto repair can be intimidating for a lot of people! Many don’t know what’s in their car and what to ask, and some people are afraid they might get taken advantage of if they sound like they don’t know their stuff. We have had many questions come through our doors over the years; these are some of the top questions we get about auto repair and some that you might want to consider asking!

Do You Work On My Make & Model? – This might seem like an obvious question, but it is a great place to start the conversation. Your auto repair center should be familiar with the make and model of your vehicle, and it is likely they have worked on them in the past. You can use this question to get an idea of someone’s expertise in the field, and it should help you make a good decision moving forward.

Is This Work Covered Under A Warranty? – The best auto repair centers back up their work with a warranty. A nationwide 3-year/36,000-mile warranty is something you should be looking for when asking questions about your service. Ask them what their warranties are and if any existing warranties cover you.

Do You Provide Written Estimates? – Honesty and transparency are the founding values of any great auto repair business. The industry has a bad reputation for overcharging, but many great shops are working hard to turn this around! An open and honest auto repair center will be happy to walk you through the whole process, providing you with a written estimate detailing all work to be performed, ensuring that you feel comfortable and assured in their hands!

Dealing with a broken-down vehicle can be an emotional experience for people; the financial burden coupled with the loss of mobility is stressful. However, if you come prepared with these basic questions, you should be alright. Most importantly, you want to find an auto repair center you can trust and have the patience to help you through these trying times!

At High Road Automotive, we take pride in our customers’ open, honest, and transparent relationships. We specialize in hybrid vehicles, and we back our work with a nationwide, 3-year/36,000-mile warranty! Schedule an appointment and contact us if you need help with your car. We want you to feel comfortable and safe moving forward, come on in and let’s start a conversation!

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