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The Pacific Northwest is an amazing place to live, with gorgeous scenery and bountiful wildlife. Here in Washington State, the crown jewel is Puget Sound, an inland saltwater paradise that is the home to seabirds, salmon, whales and more. As corporate neighbors to the Sound, how do we protect the environment while still handling oils and harsh cleaning products?

Closed Drain System

Many years ago we installed a closed drainage system that prevents oily waste from leaving our premises. All floor drains were sealed and the concrete floor reshaped to keep all fluids inside our building. Oil never touches the earth. The fluids that escape immediate capture and end up on the floor, like oil from a badly dripping engine, are then washed from the floor where they are then run into our waste treatment system and finally captured in a recycling tank. Nothing goes down the drain.

Nothing goes down the drain.

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Licensed & Safe Waste Disposal

Our recycling is then sent to a state-approved and licensed waste treatment facility for final disposal. There are never shortcuts taken here. Automotive repair also involves things like brake cleaners and other solvents. We begin by carefully choosing the least harmful products, like non-chlorinated cleaners. These are handled with the same amount of care as the oils. All rags are sent to a specialty cleaning house for proper laundering and capture of waste byproducts. Although these products are a little less effective, the reduced environmental penalty makes them our choice.

High Road Minimizes Environmental Impact

We spend a lot of time keeping oil inside the car where it belongs. We also spend a lot of time making sure that we don’t pollute our Sound. Modern living creates a huge mess, but with proper planning and a dollop of care, we can minimize the impact on the environment. That is why we are an Envirostar business.Drive Safely, The High Road Crew

Drive Safely, The High Road Crew

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