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Replace Capacitors

When the existing capacitors fail (Trouble Code P3009: High Volt leakage detected), you no longer need to buy the whole inverter from Toyota, which can cost you over $2,500.

High Road offers a new manufacture capacitor, designed and built to the same specs as the original that can save you a lot of money. We are the only source where you can buy these capacitors. They come in a package of 3 (you need 3 capacitors for one car).They fit the generation one Prius sold from 2000 to 2003 (NHW11). Dimensions of each capacitor: height 110 mm, diameter 66 mm, bolt spacing 28 mm, 1.1 Pounds (470 grams). The quantity is limited. Please email us at if you are interested and would like to buy this unique set.

These are easy to replace!

Watch a video on how to replace them below.

Caution: All persons working on these HV systems MUST practice safe work procedures. Certified tools and 1000v rated protective gloves are required.

  • Disable the HV system by removing the safety plug. Wait five minutes for the capacitors to discharge.

  • Remove the invertor top cover.

  • With our gloves on test the voltage across the cap terminals. Do not touch them until they are below 12 volts. Note the routing of the resistor wires. When they are below 12 volts remove the terminal bolts.

  • Remove the two bolts that hold the holder strap.

  • To install reverse the process. Use the connector bolts provided, discard the old ones.

  • Torque to 18 ft lbs. Install the inverter cover BEFORE power is turned on.

  • Clear codes run the system and test drive then recheck for codes.

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