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Brakes are one of the most vital and yet overlooked vehicle systems. And we have a good reason for that! Brakes lose stopping power gradually, and most of the time, when we find that out, it’s already too late.

However, you can prevent this problem if you look for these warning signs:

Unusual Noise: If you hear screeching, grinding, or clicking noises when you press on the brake, you need to get it inspected.

Pulling to a Side: Your vehicle pulls to one side while braking.

Low Pedal Pressure: this occurs when your brake pedal nearly touches the floor before engaging.

Hard Pedal Pressure: this is the near-opposite of low-pedal pressure. Your brake can’t depress to touch the floor unless you apply a great deal of force.

Grabbing: the brakes seem to ‘grab’ at the slightest touch to the pedal

Vibration: If your brake pedal vibrates and pulses under normal braking conditions, you need to get it checked.

Brake Light: Your brake light is light on your vehicle’s dashboard.

But, when should you (actually) replace your brake components?

It’s nearly impossible to estimate the best time of the year for a brake inspection. However, a good rule of thumb is to inspect your brakes when you rotate your tires (which means every 3 – 6 months). But above all else, any time you experience one of the symptoms above, bring your car in for service immediately.

If the time of the year for brake inspection has come for your vehicle, we’d love to help you out! Our auto mechanics pride themselves as some of the best in the industry. We’d do anything to ensure you have your vehicle in the best condition for the best summer month and beyond! Schedule your appointment here.

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