FAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions

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FAQ’s – Frequently Asked Questions

What is your warranty?2018-01-26T15:13:43-08:00

We warranty everything we do for 36 months/36,000 miles (unless stated otherwise, there are a few exceptions). That means parts AND labor. In fact, often our tech’s are so good, they’ll find and fix warranty issues before we get a chance to call you about it.

Do you require appointments?2018-01-26T15:13:43-08:00

We do request that you make an appointment before bringing your car in for regular servicing. However, vehicle emergencies come up without warning, and we do our best to accommodate those as quickly as possible. If you’re ready to schedule service for your vehicle, please call us @ (206) 789-7521 or use our Service Request Form.

Do you have while-you-wait service appointments available?2018-01-26T15:13:43-08:00

Yes, but in limited time slots. Please call (206) 789-7521 in advance to schedule, and inform us you’d like a waiting appointment, and we’ll find a time that works! Please note: we can only perform waiting appointments if we’ve serviced your vehicle before.

Do you have loaner cars? Are they free?2018-01-26T15:13:43-08:00

We do offer loaner vehicles for your service here, but we have a limited number available so please let us know when you schedule if you’ll need one. They are free of charge. All we ask is you refill the fuel you use (it’s on the honor system ???? ) and return the car promptly once we’ve notified you that your vehicle’s service is complete. Lastly, we need to copy your driver’s license and proof of insurance and sign a waiver. Please note: you’ll be responsible for any damage to the cars that occur while in your possession, so we strongly encourage you to make sure to have comprehensive insurance coverage on your policy.

What bus lines are you close to?2018-01-26T15:13:43-08:00

We’re located just around the corner from the D and #40 bus lines. As another local alternative, there are almost always Lime, Spin or Ofo bike share bikes within a block of us.

Where do I park?2018-01-26T15:13:43-08:00

Street parking to the east and west is often available along Leary Way. If no street parking is available, feel free to pull into either driveway or onto the gravel areas out front. These areas are subject to parking enforcement, so let us know immediately if you park there so we can move the vehicle. Please do not park the vehicle on the gravel/driveway if you are leaving it after hours as you’ll be liable for any parking tickets. Directions to High Road Automotive via Google Maps.

Do you have early drop off/late pick up options?2018-01-26T15:13:43-08:00

We do! For leaving a car before we open, there is a drop box to the right of our big garage door, with envelopes for contact information and keys. Please park the car legal (see Parking above) and toss the keys through the slot, we’ll call in the morning with any questions. For after-hours pickup, we do have options, but cannot leave cars unlocked out front, so make sure you bring your spare key so we can set it up.

Do you have a body repair shop you recommend? How about a detail shop? And towing?2018-01-26T15:13:43-08:00

We do! We love J&J Collision, about 2 miles north of us in the Ballard/Phinney area. For automotive detailing, we recommend Ballard Auto Detail, just 2 blocks south of us. Lastly, for towing, we use Gus Cooper Towing service out of Wallingford. They are quick and work hard to protect your vehicle in transit.

Do you offer mobile service?2018-01-26T15:13:44-08:00

Unfortunately, at this time we do not offer a mobile mechanic service. While a mobile mechanic can be great in a pinch, we’ve found that the benefit of having hoists and a vast array of tools at our disposal makes the repairs faster, and therefore less expensive to you.

Are there good places to grab a bite?2018-01-26T15:13:44-08:00

OF COURSE! We’re huge fans of Mean Sandwich, across the street from us here. A 5-minute walk over to Ballard Ave. will lead you on culinary and shopping adventures as well. For a great greasy spoon breakfast, the Salmon Bay Café does not disappoint!