How Long Does A Hybrid Battery Last?

How Long Does A Hybrid Battery Last?

The Toyota Prius is one of the most popular cars on the road and for good reason. It is very inexpensive to run, ecologically friendly and it has a history of excellent reliability. But when people ask us how long the battery will last, we can only say that hybrid batteries have shown excellent life.

A Hybrid Battery Can Wear Out Unexpectedly

The unfortunate news is that there isn’t a good way to predict the overall future life of a hybrid battery pack. The Prius comes with an extended battery warranty of 100,000 miles and that same warranty is mandated at 150,000 miles in California, so there is ample confidence in the engineering of the system. But like all components of an automobile, the battery can wear out unexpectedly.

there isn't a good way to predict the overall future life of a hybrid battery pack

Aftermarket Batteries May Not Be Reliable

Our experience has been that the less expensive aftermarket replacement batteries are too spotty on reliability to be recommended at this time. While the sellers will warranty the repair, there is still the hassle of getting the repair done the second time. Should your Prius need a battery, we recommend the Toyota factory part, since the quality is outstanding. Should the aftermarket develop less expensive but equally reliable battery packs, we will certainly look at those as an alternative. Keep in mind that different cars use different battery systems.

Do the Research Before Buying

As a potential hybrid owner, you should do plenty of research before committing to the ownership of a used hybrid car. They are wonderful machines overall with only a few special considerations, but you need to know the finer points of ownership. Does the High Road staff like hybrids? Yes! We have serviced hundreds of them and as a class, they have proved to be some of the best cars that we have ever seen and with steady maintenance, a hybrid will likely give you great service.

Drive Safely, The High Road Crew

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