Brake Rotors, For Example

Brake Rotors, For Example

There is a website that is used by professional mechanics that includes an excellent forum which deals with many aspects of automotive repair. We can ask about experience with a difficult repair, managing the shop, equipment choices and more. One of the more interesting recent threads dealt with lower cost parts, brake rotors (a rotor is the disc in disc brakes) in particular.

Budget vs. Premium Parts

The conversation illustrated the argument for and against low-cost parts. One of the premier suppliers of aftermarket auto parts offers a budget line of parts. The discussion centered around the quality of the rotors that they offer under this budget brand name, whether they were more likely to cause trouble later either through rust or deformation. The pros and cons were evident: cheap with a low-grade finish and lighter material vs. expensive which is heavier with a premium finish.

Who wants to save a few dollars only to be in the shop months or even years earlier than needed?

High Road Recommends Premium Brake Parts

While some shops had had a satisfactory experience with the low-cost rotors, many said that they failed too soon. Here at High Road, we only use premium parts for brake work. This is because while our prices are a bit higher, the parts last much longer and the client will experience less car trouble. Who wants to save a few dollars only to be in the shop months or even years earlier than needed?

Stretching Your Repair Dollars

By investing in the higher quality parts we all can rest assured that everything was done to keep you on the road. This is not to say that saving money is wrong. We all go through periods where each dollar needs to stretch as far as possible. But when it comes to car repair, saving money through budget parts is often a poor investment and results in additional trips to the shop. While we love to see our clients walk in the door, ultimately it is our job to keep you out on the road with us being an afterthought.

Drive Safely, The High Road Crew

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