Auto Repair & Maintenance Services

Be your car’s hero! Bring your car in for maintenance every 6 months!

3 Year or 36,000 Mile Guarantee

All our services are done to the highest professional standards. We at High Road Automotive guarantee our work for three (3) years or 36,000 miles, whichever comes first. This warranty covers workmanship and parts. We are painstaking and thorough so that your car’s repair will last as long or longer than the original parts.

Expert Mechanics

We are expert mechanics. We study and train to face virtually every mechanical problem. Even the most complex electrical issues don’t intimidate our master mechanical technicians.

“If it doesn’t involve paint, we can repair it”

Engine Service with Oil Change

What to expect for your car’s Engine Service with Oil Change

Your car needs timely oil changes, to remove grit and other particles from damaging your engine. Clean oil protects your engine. It matters that the Service Technician working on your car is both trained, experienced and certified. Technicians at High Road Automotive perform these routine maintenance services with skill, experience, and care.

  • When we first see your car, we would like to see it for an entire day.

  • Subsequent Oil Change Services can be scheduled as a one-hour appointment.

  • All fluids are inspected, replaced or topped off, as needed.

  • We do a complete vehicle inspection, which is included free of charge with your oil change.

  • We email you the results of the inspection with a list of recommended services to keep your vehicle in top performing condition.

Bi-Annual Inspection and Maintenance

Every two-years your car needs a more thorough inspection for preventative maintenance. This varies by year and make of the car. We recommend you bring the car in for a full Bi-Annual Maintenance and Inspection Service.

Possible post-inspection recommendations

  • Brake Repair

  • Alignment (All wheels)

  • Stabilizing Struts and Shocks

  • Suspension Parts

  • Cooling System Diagnosis and Repair

  • Air Conditioning Service and Repair

  • Timing Belt Replacement

  • Electrical System Diagnosis and Repair

  • State Certified Emissions Repair

Drive Train Assessment (included in both inspections)

  • Clutches

  • Transmissions

  • Full Drive Train Repair

Used Car Pre-Purchase Inspection

What’s a Pre-Purchase Inspection?

Purchasing a used car can be a great opportunity or it can be a frustrating and unnecessarily expensive experience. It all depends upon whether the car is worth the price. If you are in the market for a used car, let High Road Automotive check it out before you make a purchase. Let our certified mechanics tell you the real story of what’s under your prospective car’s hood. We can identify potential upcoming repairs and help you assess the true value of the car before you commit your money.

We at High Road Automotive can offer you confidence in your selection of a used car by saving you time, money and frustration. Putting our extensive knowledge and experience to work for you is our business.

  • Full visual inspection

  • Analysis of all electronic systems

  • Full engine inspection

  • Taking it for a test drive

  • Report on any chronic issues with the make and model

  • Advice on common issues of makes/models