Aug 26, 2021 | Road Trips

Young drivers (and any driver at any age) can sometimes allow careless mistakes and panic to cloud their judgement when dealing with a car emergency. In this article, we’d like to share our take on how to prepare your son and/or daughter for the emergencies and issues that will (inevitably) happen!

Before we start however, we’d like to talk about emotions for a second: Stay calm.

We can’t tell you how many emergencies (in any area of life) are magnified in importance because of the driver’s anxiety and panic. We must teach our children to master their anxieties by remaining calm in a crisis. After you have assured your young driver that calmness is the friend of problem solving, let’s get into the tips:

Give your young driver an emergency car kit (and teach him how to use it) In case of car breakdown, the emergency kit is your kid’s best friend. Here’s what it should contain:

  • Jumper cables
  • Flares or reflective triangle
  • Ice scraper
  • Car cell phone charger
  • Blanket
  • Map
  • Cat litter or sand (better tire traction in case of snow)

After you have secured the kit, spend a good couple of days going through all the necessary drills with your kid. Make sure they know what each element does and how to use it effectively.

  • Get your young driver in the habit of regular check-ups. We are creatures of habit. Habits keep us clean, tidy, healthy and even wealthy. If you want your kid’s driving experience to be sufficient, show him the importance of check-ups with a mechanic, and the benefits it has to the long-term maintenance of the car.
  • Stay informed. Before your kid goes on a road trip, he/she has to make sure that the areas they will pass are not in an emergency because of a natural disaster and that the roads are well-made and maintained. Check local weather and road services for warnings.
  • Focus is a driver’s ally. According to the CDC, in 2019, 39% of teen drivers texted or emailed at least once. Distracted driving is like drinking and driving. It’s reckless, has a lot of consequences, and can cost you and others their lives. Don’t undermine a car issue or a weird sound just because you have to send that message. Don’t be distracted by chatter or music, either.
  • Treat the owner’s manual with reverence. The instructions in the owner’s manual are a great way for your kid to learn more about his/her own car, how it works and how to spot warning signs. Don’t underestimate the importance of the manual!

If the time has come for your young driver’s first vehicle inspection, we’d love to help you out! Our auto mechanics pride themselves as some of the best in the industry. We’d do anything to ensure you have your vehicle in the best condition year round!! Schedule your appointment here.

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