4 Ways to Extend Your Vehicle’s Life

Aug 1, 2022 | Blog, Maintenance

4 Ways to Extend Your Vehicle’s Life

As vehicle prices continue to rise, preventative maintenance becomes even more important. Neglecting to take care of your car can lead to expensive repairs down the line. By following a few simple tips, you can extend the life of your vehicle and save money in the long run.

So, what is preventative maintenance? Preventative maintenance is defined as “any action performed with the goal of reducing the likelihood of a future problem or failure.” In other words, it’s taking care of your car before something goes wrong!

Save money with preventative maintenance!

Here are four ways you can practice preventative maintenance and extend the life of your vehicle:

Get regular oil changes – This is one of the most important preventative maintenance tasks you can do to prolong the life of your engine. Over time, engine oil breaks down and becomes less effective at lubricating and protecting your engine. Depending on your car’s make and model, you should change your oil every 4,000 to 7,500, or a maximum of twelve months; it will help ensure that your engine stays in good condition.

Maintain your vehicle’s tires – You should check tire pressure at least once a month and before long trips. Uneven tire wear can be a sign of bigger problems, such as misaligned wheels.

Inspect your brakes – Your brakes are one of the most important safety features of your car. The more you drive your vehicle, the more the brake materials wear out. Have them inspected at least once a year, and anytime you notice strange sounds, grinding, vibrating, or difficulty stopping.

Maintain your vehicle’s fluids – Make sure to check all of your car’s fluids regularly to ensure they are at the correct levels. These fluids include engine oil, coolant, power steering fluid, and transmission fluid. Maintaining their levels and ensuring the right type of fluid is in your system, if you aren’t sure, visit your trusted auto repair center of choice!

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Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance

We strongly suggest establishing regular service intervals for your preventative maintenance. This will help ensure that your car is running smoothly and prevent any potential issues. You may need to service your vehicle more frequently, depending on your driving habits.

If you wait until something goes wrong with your car before bringing it in for repairs, you could be looking at a much larger repair bill. You can save time and money in the long run by catching potential problems early on. Following these preventative maintenance tips, you can keep your car running smoothly for years to come!

Find an auto repair center you can rely on!

Auto repair is inevitable, but preventative maintenance can help you avoid costly repairs down the road. If you have any questions about preventative maintenance or auto repair, feel free to contact our experts at High Road Automotive! We’re always happy to help!

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