Jun 1, 2021 | Road Trips

A client’s Prius, taken by Fred Wilson of High Road Automotive

Do you know what happens to your vehicle when you leave it parked outside for a year? Check out the photo above. It’s an actual photo of our client’s Prius, which was parked in the yard for a whole year and is now covered in moss! Our auto repair team has a lot of work ahead, for this hybrid has a dead battery, it is damp on the inside, and all fluids and filters need to be replaced. Fortunately, we see no evidence of a rat infestation, so that’s good. 

But this vehicle brings up a point to discuss:  3 reasons why your air filters need to be changed.

Air filters need to be changed regularly in your car’s engine and the interior cabin. But why? Well, let’s look at our bodies as an analogy and use a respiratory illness as an example. 

When your respiratory system feels congested, it’s harder to take a deep breath, right? All that mucous can block your air passages and force you to cough to dislodge the blockage, right? Well, that’s what a gunked-up air filter tends to mimic in your car.

“But my car doesn’t get a cough!” you might protest.

Cabin air filters

While that may be true, your vehicle’s air intake may become blocked by dirt, pollen, leaves, small twigs, and other debris. This will impact the cabin air filter the most. If you don’t change your air filter frequently, that debris can get into your air circulation system and trap moisture, which then creates mold. Mold loves growing in dirty, damp, and warm places. When that mold grows, it further penetrates your vehicle’s air circulation system, which wreaks havoc on your respiratory system and your passengers’ respiratory system. Now, not only is your car symbolically coughing and sputtering, but you are, too.

Engine air filters

But you might say that since you park your car in your garage, you have a greater chance of keeping your air filters less clogged with dirt, leaves, pollen, and other debris. While that may be true, you still drive your car outside of your garage, correct? You may be driving through areas with a lot of smog, ash-laden air during forest fires, and even salty sea air. All of these things can cause issues with the performance of your vehicle if the engine air filter is not replaced.

Also, there are three more reasons why you should change your car’s engine air filter regularly:

  1. Clean air filters extend the life of your vehicle and protect your investment.
  2. Clean air filters improve fuel efficiency, which helps lower the cost of operating your vehicle.
  3. Clean air filters help your engine have an improved air/fuel balance, which helps improve emissions and reduces pollutants going into our atmosphere.

At High Road Automotive in Seattle, we believe that replacing relatively inexpensive air filters provide so much extra value and care for you, your vehicle, your fuel consumption, and Planet Earth. The simple act of changing engine and cabin air filters helps to make the world a better place, causing many car owners happy to breathe easily over the idea of frequent air filter replacements.

Our auto mechanics highly recommend that you take preventive maintenance to heart if you want to impact climate change reduction positively. Bring your vehicle in for regular service, and our team will do our part to make sure your car’s air filters are performing without issue. When available, we offer FREE loaner cars to encourage you to reserve when you schedule your appointment. We offer online payments and other benefits designed to give you a stress-free auto repair experience for your convenience.

For all your auto repair needs, come to our shop in Ballard. You’ll be glad you did!

Drive Safely, The  High Road Crew

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